Friday, June 1, 2012

Apple's iPhone 5 New Looks and Specs

In the past month we've seen leak out of the specifications of the project, which he claimed for the iPhone 5th Chinese companies seem to be betting on this project when they began to produce cases on the basis that the draft document. We had also requested and obtained based on some of the early ontwerpen.Gezien cover as predictive housing designs in the past that we have called CiccareseDesign quality renderings as soon as possible to the original design of the case of a leak. The measurements were taken against leakage when the original draft, and then into 3D modeling design manufacturers software.De show areas that the question of open or import should be exposed, but says little. In the past, and this led to some misunderstandings about the roles in the future.

The Bad There are two cases, an additional set of port in the upper part of the device, but it seems to be room for a microphone hole to be. There are also some areas on the iPhone case designs (5), which are open to interpretation. It has been over the images for larger weergave.Het slot for the button in the House that the Home key to a more oval shape has been proposed.

 This is the direction our designers as well. It is also possible, however, that the house tour allows its form button and Apple only, extra space is to return to the Home button from left to right or from right to left. That was some speculation that Apple would make such a gesture for the user to change quickly, exactly between the size and address apps.De of the screen is the other side, which was difficult to determine just design fees. And the size of our performance increased to the screen space on the cover designs. However, Apple has a "blow down" from the top of the screen information system IOS in 5, and that could benefit from an extra toe room at the top of the screen capture at right. Thus it is possible that the screen is not large, as shown in these situations, and Apple enable easy additional space for these tricks.

 The idea here is not displayed on the screen, 4-inch screen that the current ratio of reserves from Apple. The rumors that Apple is to increase the size of the screen on the back of the next iPhone modellen.De unit has rounded corners, making it appear closer to the iPod touch. There were also rumors that Apple will support the iPhone 4 glass to give up and move, instead of returning to the dimensions of the aluminum design.

De final at the new design to be calculated: 4.33 "x 2.36" and 0.27 "thick at the top and 0.21" at the bottom of the comparison, the iPhone 4 dimensions. "X 2.31" 4.5 x 0.37 "and so the new design is shorter, in fact, run out from the iPhone menu 4, but with a slightly wider and thinner, assuming the design case is correct, close 5, the appearance of the iPhone for these constructions and is expected to 5 iPhone released in September or October of this year.

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