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Huawei Ascend P6 Smartphone Review

P6 will last flagship Chinese manufacturer Huawei, which claims to be the world's thinnest smartphone devices on the market today.

This phone was launched before it caught a lot of attention - thanks to the leaked pictures, specifications, and Huawei with the official phrases.

P6 was opened up last month in London and Pakistan today for pre-order at a discounted price of Rs 37,000 available. Airlink Communication at the end of this month to set up the device and will be available in three colors: black, white and pink for
a price expected Rs. 40000.


The first thing to notice is that about P6, very thin and light (120g), however, the metal things. Without a doubt, this phone is a squared-off body in front of the glass and the aluminum plate on the edge of the black line is a little bit inspired by the dissolution of the iPhone, but that does not mean a whole knock-off.

A unique form-factor and slim phone P6 ascent rounded bottom and back of the matte aluminum, which gives a feeling of premium.

Wonder why it is called the P series in the third game as Huawei P6 P6 can be called the P3 Well, I think this phone is only 6 mm thick (6.18 mm to be exact) of 3.1 mm, a nearly HTC (phone metal body) thinner than that.

A front "IPS LCD screen protection cells have Gorilla Glass 4.7. Facades very thin, adding the beauty of the design., You can also use the phone while wearing gloves with gloves on operations, it increases the response to the screen.

Has led to a notification on the screen, light sensor, speaker and a front facing camera. Huawei under the logo on the screen to complete the microphone down this time.

The top of the micro USB / charging port and the noise stopped and a microphone, and it is unique. Power button / unlock the volume rocker and the microSD and SIM tray on the right.

To the left is a metal button, it turns out to be less than the disc ejection tool, it must be connected to a 3.5mm headphone jack. Looks pretty elegant and serves its purpose well, but you may lose the shaft when using headphones - so be careful.

The brushed aluminum back plate is not removable. 8, a single LED flash, upper left, lower left, and Huawei logo in the middle, this is quite a powerful speaker with a spectacular first-megapixel camera, enhanced by Dolby Digital Plus.

One thing you will see that there is no LED touch buttons on the front of the menu, but they are not integrated into the user interface and at the bottom of the screen.

Operating system:

Huawei's latest Android 4.2.2 up to P6 Jelly Bean comes out of the box, and the beginning of the Huawei Android phones Huawei as a cook is doing - Emotional UI. It is up to the user interface P6 emotional, that is to say, with the latest version 1.6, release all the basic functions, gestures and administrator-rights movement.

Change the look of the icons on the screen can be selected through the five topics, or to download and customize the appearance of your liking. Subjects also changed the design of the lock screen, if you use Huawei lockscreen. It also offers a menu screen, and the transition of different types of widgets.

Emotion UI 1.6 theme settings and alerts you to custom mix and match for a keyboard layout. Among the new features of this version, motion control, which lets you turn your phone or turning down the volume of calls Picking up the phone and ear phone to answer or make calls. At the same time, shake to change wallpaper EMUI from a previous version.

Another useful new feature is the administrator, ask your permission to an application to your phone contacts, SMS, your location to collect or connect to the Internet. This is a very large majority of Android users can lock specific applications to access your personal information or send a typical button.

Energy management device, you must choose the correct power of customizable three settings - Normal, Smart and resistance. Similarly, a startup manager and screen colors.


P6 up to quad-core SoC Hisilicon K3V2 powered by 1.5 GHz with 2 GB of RAM. The architecture of the chip is not very advanced and Galaxy S4 and HTC, and the cortex-like devices running the latest A15 or Krait easily beat, but they really work well in P6.

You are not any lag scrolling homescreens, web pages, while running several applications at the same time.

Greedy resource for almost any game or application will be able to play, but it is possible that you will get high frame rates in games. We tried games such as Asphalt 7 and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and the game was a great experience.

Phone easily run HD video and VoIP, including Skype and Viber application works fine. Regular calls and texting is also excellent, and you get a good signal reception is very fast, and wireless connectivity.

Our test results for reference in P6 increased by almost the same with similar material Mate.

Take the results of the reference, ie, the actual performance of the device is pretty solid cameras in this price range, a good look:

P6 LED packages mounted 8-megapixel camera on the back and 5 megapixels, the camera in front of a very special camera with flash, 2 megapixels camera with many high-end Android phone, it is better to come.

Huawei to set up a special help smooth facial wrinkles and give your face and other signs of "a beautiful, self-portraits, aka selfies.

The first 8-megapixel camera with af/2.0 aperture also does work very well. 4 cm macro capability allows you to see close and personal with your photos. Rotate the large objects such as flowers and insects like those works.

The camera performance is good, different colors, textures and light sources, handles very well. Normal and macro modes are excellent image detail and contrast and sharpness of the images on the screen appear to be alive.

The interface is very simple, and, in essence, is based on the stock Android. There are some settings related to the quality of the image effects and shooting modes available to choose from.

Button on the device does not match the volume rocker key to use as a natural van. Use the Volume Down key and the volume focus on the capture, burst mode button to continuously take many photos.

There is no zoom slider is not, and you need to use a little zoom function to enlarge or shrink. The main camera also images of beauty, and smart photo HDR and panorama modes.

Camera mounted in the P6 Full HD 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second, and the front camera can record 30 frames per second at 720. Phone handles it very well change and movement. It also offers image stabilization, HDR video recording and tracking objects.

The camera user interface similar to the camera. MP4 encoded video and the quality is very good. You can also activate the LED lighting when recording a dark environment.


P6 is a 2000 mAh battery, and this increase is quite common on phones these days is packed with quad core, but Huawei says the economy grew by more than 30% of P6 technology improves the performance of the device compared to the same size. Antenna equipment must be packaged in a plastic part that holds the base of your phone's battery life.

If you fall down the screen brightness and sleep a little cautious, this phone is easy to use, after a full day's charge. Phone settings are different forms of power, and battery saving app, so if you have a low battery, you can optimize its use to disable unnecessary features and resource-intensive applications to kill.


Huawei in P6 is definitely a star among smartphones, Huawei was General Manager Richard Yu, London, contributions to the opening ceremony. This shows that Huawei may set up your phone to make a great impression.

Things I like most about this phone with its slim design and superior feel.

HTC one, but it can be improved, and much smaller competitors P6 (almost half price) than the cost must be taken into account.

Huawei continues to move forward with this process, Samsung and others to create problems in the Android market, I think.

So, you're limited budget to buy a new phone if you want to get away from the cheap plastic phone, Huawei increased P6 is an excellent option. All features, the vast majority of Android users want an upscale design.

Share your opinion on the phone or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us using the comments box below.

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